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Welcome to my Web site my name is Elaine. Here is some background information on me. I’m from Dublin married with two children. Before training as Amatsu Therapist I worked in the Financial Service Industry and after an injury playing Tag Rugby I got my first introduction to Amatsu. From then on I developed a keen interest in Amatsu and its philosophy of natural body movement so in 2014 I decided to study it further.

I studied Amatsu at the Liath training School Ireland (www.liathtraining.com). I qualified in Anma in 2015, Seitai in 2016 and than went on to completed Shinden in 2017.
After qualifying in 2016 I set up a clinic and love seen the results with my clients. I have experience dealing with a wide range issues including sports injuries, joint pain and back problems but over the years I have developed a love and understanding in woman’s health and pre and post pregnancy issues.

Amatsu helps the body recover Physically and this allow the client to focus on our mental health and recover. I have been involved in the maternal mental health paint your bump campaign in 2018 and 2019 to help to raise the awareness of metal health before, during and after pregnancy.
To date I have undertaken further studies with Peter King teacher of Hichibuku and author of Life Secrets of the Amatsu Tatara and Mark Cleary Natural Health Practitioner and also recently completed seminars in Liquid Body awareness with Björn Langhammer, an Osteopath from Germany. I am a member of the Amatsu Association of Ireland and Oriental Medicine Association.

Elaine Platt
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How It Works:

Analyze Your Needs


The techniques utilised will range from the very gentle, to the more firm depending on the age, health and needs of the client.

Discuss Techniques


I will discuss with you how the different techniques work and why they are doing what they are doing.

Tailor Your Balance


I will than specifically to tailor your balance each and every time according to your needs on that day.

Women's Health


I specialize in Women’s health and have worked with hundreds of Mum in Per and Post pregnancy in Holistic Nurture Blanchardstown.